Swimming Pools

There are many kinds of swimming pools on the market. We offer a broad selection. Our job is to help you choose the right swimming pool for you, your family, friends, and lifestyle. We consider many factors such as how many people will be using the pool, what is their age range, do you like to party, etc. Other things to consider are do you own your home or rent, are there trees around or open fields, what is the grade of the yard, what budget did you have in mind for installation and maintenance, and how long do you want the pool to last?

In-ground swimming pools are going to be the longest lasting. When we install these pools we are planning on that pool being there, not just while the kids are growing up but also for their children. In-ground swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes. Construction types vary. The most common types are concrete gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl-lined.



Concrete gunite pools are all custom built on site. They are generally more expensive due to construction costs and require replastering and/or painting at least every three to five years depending on maintenance practices. This type of pool has a rougher surface than fiberglass or vinyl pools so there are usually more skinned knees and elbows. Gunite swimming pools offer unlimited sizes and shapes and are easily free-formed and curved.

Fiberglass pools are fairly limited in size, shape, and style since they are formed in one piece then transported to the pool site by truck. Once on-site cranes are used to move the pool into position where it will be leveled and backfilled. Compared to gunite, they are less expensive to install, less susceptible to chemical imbalance problems, and require less surface maintenance. They are still costly to resurface. Fiberglass pools also have a smoother surface so they are easier on the swimmer's skin.


Vinyl-lined pools offer the best of both gunite and fiberglass. They are custom built on-site. Combinations of steel or polymer wall panels are assembled to make different sizes and shapes and generally are only limited by the imagination. These pools usually are less costly to install than either gunite or fiberglass and less expensive to maintain since the liners are fairly chemical resistant. Contrary to what you might think these liners are very durable and easy to care for. We expect to get anywhere from ten to fifteen years of life from a liner with normal care. When liners need replaced it can be easily done either by the homeowner or our company and with a wide range of colors and patterns available will make your whole pool area look fresh and new. Vinyl is also much more comfortable to swim in since it is easier on swimmers knees and elbows.

Our most popular in-ground swimming pool is the vinyl-lined pool. Most homeowners site the lower cost of installation, wide variety of liner patterns, and ease of care as their reasons for choosing this pool type. Our company uses Fort Wayne Sterling pools most often. The Sterling pool has a durable, heavy-duty steel panel with a lifetime, transferable warranty. Liners have a two-year full/twelve year prorated warranty.  In-ground swimming pools can be very plain and basic or they can be lavish awe-inspiring sanctuaries complete with fountains, waterfalls, tranquil lighting, and music all controlled remotely or automatically. Check out Fort Wayne's selection of pool model shapes.

Prices will start around $12,000.00 and go up according to your desires.

Above-Ground Pools
Hard-Sided Above-Ground Pools - Outback Above ground Pool Models

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Hard-sided above-ground pools are probably the most common above-ground pools in the upper mid-western U.S.A. Most of these pools are round or even oval and consist of a steel wall panel supported by a top and bottom rail and upright posts tying the whole thing together. They are meant to stand completely on top of the ground to prevent frost damage. Sidewall depths on standard above-ground pools range between 48" and 52". Sizes will vary among manufacturers and are usually between 15' diam. to 33' diam. for round pools, 12' x 24' to 18' x 33' for ovals. Warranties last from 15 to 50 years. Prices usually start around $900 and go up according to size, structure type, warranty length, and package inclusions, among other things.

Outback Melbourne Outback Empire

  Outback Brisbane       25 Year Warranty

                Outback Barrier Reef                   50 Year Warranty

If your yard is not perfectly level (whose is?) you will need to either slope the ground away from the pool or use a retaining wall to keep the ground away from the sidewall in order to prevent damage and premature structure failure.

The exception to the rule: We offer one pool that while classed as an above-ground pool can be buried completely in the ground, left completely above ground, or set into a slope. Some of our installations have this pool with one side completely exposed and the other side buried to the top. No matter which way you choose to install your Radiant Metric pool there is a lifetime, transferable warranty!

Radiant Metric


Classed as above-ground but can be buried in the ground!

The Radiant Metric pool has a 2" thick side wall giving it great structural integrity and helps hold your heat in keeping your pool warmer. It comes in panels that are easy to put together and can be taken apart and moved if you move.

Radiant Metrics come in 18' , 24', 27', 30' or 33' diameter.

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